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The purpose of meditation is not to stop your thinking. People often incorrectly think if their mind is chattering, they are doing it wrong. The key is to simply accept that in this moment your mind is chattering. You don't have to resist the presence of chatter. Let it come and go as if it were a cloud in the sky. Simply follow the directions of guidance. The purpose of most meditation practices is to build strengthen and stability of attention. Then, you are better able to work with your inner experience.


Yes, it often happens. It probably means you are tired. Please note that if we find you snoring, we will gently let you know.


We developed a unique menu of practices that is hard to find elsewhere. They are all designed to increase awareness of yourself and your environment using a variety of methods including meditation that uses light, color and sound to enhance your attention to your environment as well as methods to shift your nervous system in a positive direction. In the unique, high-quality spaces, you can enjoy four kinds of meditations like an omakase-style menu. "01.Tune in" features an Eyes-Open Meditation, "02.Open up" is a Sound Meditation, "03.Shift" is a space for Guided Meditation, and "04.Align" is Tea Meditation. At the "03.Shift" space, we offer guidance based on the principle of self-management drawing from neuroscience and psychology, developed along with Dr. Jeremy Hunter, Associate Professor of Practice at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management.

Medichaでは心理学や神経科学をベースとしたメディテーションに、アートと煎茶文化を融合した没入体験型プログラムをご体験いただけます。明暗が対照的な「01.Tune in」と「02.Open up」では光や音など五感に意識を向けて自律神経を整えるOpen-eye MeditationやSound Meditationをお楽しみいただけます。竹のドーム「03.Shift」では米クレアモント大学ピーター・ドラッカースクール准教授のジェレミー・ハンター氏と共に制作した、セルフマネジメントの理論をベースに神経科学や心理学も取り入れたGuided Meditationをご用意しております。レジリエンス(ゆるやかに内面を回復する力)を高めるガイダンスや、ストレスを軽減するガイダンスなど複数ご用意しておりますので、気分やシーンにあわせてお選びください。お茶室「04.Align」では禅の世界でも一番簡単なメディテーションと言われるTea Meditationで、ご自身を整えるひとときをお過ごしくださいませ。

For safety and health reasons, you are discouraged from experiencing our services if you are drunk, prohibited by your physician, clinically depressed, experiencing mental illness, or have unhealed trauma. For those with photosensitivity, please refrain from entering the "01.Tune in" room. If you are concerned, please seek the advice of a specialist. Please note that Medicha services are not medical care.

お客様への安全への配慮から、飲酒をされている方や、医師等により本サービスの利用を禁止されている方、うつ、精神病、トラウマなどの健康上の理由から本サービスの利用に支障がある方の来店はお控えいただいております。また、「01.Tune in」は、光線過敏症の方はお控えください。ご不安な場合は専門医にご相談ください。尚、Medichaのサービスは医療行為ではありません。

No. Medicha is not affiliated with any religious organizations or sects.


How to use the Studio

No, anyone is welcome to the Medicha studio.


We have free lockers with key and changing rooms. There is no shower room. Unfortunately, we don't offer clothes rental, so please bring your own if you want to change your clothes.


Please put your digital device in our lockers with keys and enjoy your time of digital detox.You can take pictures before and after your experience. Please feel free to ask our staff to show you the rooms if you want to take pictures. Please note that we may not show you the rooms for photography if there are other customers in the room.


All you need to meditate is nothing. If you want to change your clothes, please bring your own ones as we have changing rooms and lockers with key. Please note that we don't offer clothes rental.


In case you feel sick, please don't hesitate to ask our staff for support.


Unfortunately we do not. Please refrain from parking on the premises and on public roads.


  • Please keep an eye on your valuables, and remember to take all your belongings when you leave. We will not keep any lost property in principle.
  • Please take your trash home with you.
For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

  • 貴重品の管理、忘れ物にはご注意ください。店舗側で保管は原則いたしません。
  • ゴミは必ずお持ち帰りください。


For other inquiries, please contact us at "contact.us@medicha-jp.com."