The Sweetness of
Doing Nothing

We are constantly surrounded by expectations, pretentiousness and distraction in modern society. Taking time to "do nothing" can be humbling but also deeply rewarding.

At Medicha, we provide you with a unique 4-step approach to infuse your five senses with a mindful awakening to create a space within your inner-self.

Do nothing, and discover what is important to you.
Do nothing, and cultivate the power to select your thoughts and actions as simply as you would pick your favorite clothes every day.

Steep in immersive light and sound installations, enveloping guided meditation and a soothing tea experience. Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing.

Medichaが提案するのは、” The Sweetness of Doing Nothing -自分に余白をつくる贅沢な時間-”。


五感を解放する4STEPを通して、“The Sweetness of Doing Nothing “をお楽しみください。

01Tune In

This minimalist space lets you notice what’s happening inside you. No matter what you’re experiencing, let your inner experience come and go.


02Open Up

Open yourself to your feelings and surrender to the experience. Bathe in the sounds, scent, and lights and let yourself go. Indulge in your senses.



Let the guidance take you on an inner journey, and go with the flow. Discover new possibilities and find hidden goodness in your life.



Sit down and pour yourself a cup of tea. Reset and feel ready for the outside world. What’s next for you?


Discover it for yourself



Medicha STUDIO

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